Wednesday, August 1, 2007

6 Rare NES Games

(using a rarity index where A is one to brag about and B is Rare)

A Handpicked collection of Rare NES games which includes:

Deathbots 1990 Rarity B+ (game preview)
Impossible Mission II 19988 Rarity A- (game preview)
Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular 1990 Rarity B+ (game preview)
Bible Adventures 1991 Rarity B+ (game preview)
Goal! Two 1992 Rarity B-
Joe and Mac 1992 Rarity B+ (game preview)

6 Rare NES games Only on

*so how would you know what NES games are rare or not? I hear you say, checkout the following essential webpage on NES game rarity

Stop Press!!
thanks to Jaded Cynic* for an even more in-depth NES games rarity doc... from Video Game Auctions

*Jaded Cynic's website is a tour de force in it's own right, checkout Gamedrop Blog

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  1. Gotta collect them all!

    Pokemo...I mean NES carts!

    I got some on that list...sweet.

    Quattro Adventure Camerica B+

  2. There's actually a much better list by the guy thats working on completing his NES collection- boxes, manuals and games for every game ever released.

    That list a more indepth.

  3. Never heard of deathbots before, but the name is awesome

  4. lol indeed Caleb but they keep coming out with new pokemon blast em!!!

    thanks Jaded cynic link posted and credit given (bows to Jaded Cynic....)

    Hi Porroe... Deaaaatthhhhh Bots...
    yep!! rolls sweetly on the tongue there is not doubt,

    (elderly heads to kichen to make tea for everyone, whispering "Deathbots" to himself....)

  5. cheek my rare game

  6. Wow! Lucky you mate, and an excellent video too!