Saturday, August 11, 2007

The amazing Sinclair C5

The Sinclair C5, a true oddity released back in 1985, was supposed to be the electric vehicle that would change the way people commuted, help save the environment and bring Sir Clive untold riches. Unfortunately, all it did was spectacularly flop (mainly due to the rather rainy British weather) and drag down its whole ZX Spectrum producing company with it.

The C5 has a top speed of roughly 25km/h, a place inside the Manchester Science Museum, a worldwide fan club and the obligatory Wikipedia entry. Even more info can be found at the hallowed Planet Sinclair site.

To grab your very own fully working and in seemingly top condition Sinclair C5 (a truly rare chance apparently) better bid on this Sinclair C5 ebay auction. Seller ships worldwide but guess the UK would be more convenient.


  1. vrooom! vroooom!... oh maybe not

    ....what does an electric car sound like?

  2. Me too Porroe. Provided of course it weren't raining...

    Uhm... guess something like a dying giraffe Mr Elderly.

  3. oh right! .. thanks...


    erm.. what does a dying giraffe sound like?

  4. How on earth do you expect me to provide a written answer to that?

  5. ...well you could mime... erm.. perhaps... I dunno. .I never heard a dying giraffe.. I have no idea how hard it is to put it in writing..


    you could at least have tried... I could die without ever hearing the sound of a giraffe dying.... but oh no! if you feell I should be deprived .. well then thats your perogative...

    I'll ask FK.. FK will know....

    (heads off to FK's place...)

  6. Ok wait. Here's a hint. Watch South Park the movie. Father will probably love it too...

  7. Well, did you watch it then?