Friday, August 10, 2007

Ah ye old Sega Saturn Console

Quite beautiful on it's own, but a lone. . . .
Sega Saturn Console with one game (virtua Cop) on ebay

is unlikely to stir your retro juices. ergo at quite literally no expence, we've found:
The great Sega Saturn Games Auction list on ebay

The quite incredibly fresh and anarchic Blog:
The Sega Saturn Junkyard

The Devilishly simple
Sega Saturn Swap Trick

And if, like me, you've just emptied your piggy bank
The Emulator Zones Emulator list
The Sega Saturn Screenshot Database
Sega Saturn Game Rarity index (with popup... sorry)

now if some kind soul would direct me to a pdf console manual, it would make this post and me complete.


  1. What? Still going for 1$? That's plain ridiculous. It's dead cheap and it's a whole Saturn and game. Elderly please.. to the catapult!

  2. erm.. .am.... I'll check the weather forecast....

    ...oh dear it's inclement.. no flying today....


  3. Oh, but it's the new catapult you see! Lucky us, eh?

  4. ....(checks instructions.....) Auto targeting missiles..... what the... must have cost a fortune.... you know catapults like this would appreciate with age, perhaps we should consider it as an investment for the future.. leave it in it's packaging... mint items fetch alot more you know on ebay.....

  5. You might probaby be right... Never thought of it in a collector-friendly way... But, really, you shouldn't swim the whole distance...

  6. swim... the distance..? you don't mean.. but like what about sharks and hurricanes and stuff.. surely not.. I could drown.. bet you hadn't thought of that!!!

  7. Oh come on, dont be a baby. Here 's a lovely new swiming suit. And a ball. Help you float it will...

  8. feels very heavy ... are you sure it will float?....

  9. Sure I am. Now young padawan go you must. Quick.