Monday, September 5, 2016

Atari Falcon 030

The final home computer by Atari, the 32-bit Atari Falcon never stood a chance in an already MS-DOS dominated market, and even less so when its mother company abandoned it to focus on its Jaguar console. The Falcon is thus nowadays a highly sought after collectible, and a rare and powerful computer running at 16Mhz, sporting an impressive DSP chip, 18-bit graphics, a multitasking OS, and all sorts of other varied bells and whistles.

Intrigued? Good, for here's an even more intriguing Atari Falcon 030 eBay auction. The computer  on offer has been used for less than 10 hours, and comes with an assortment of manuals, cables and disks, the mouse, an external hard-drive, and the SPDIF SoundPool.

Seller ships worldwide.

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