Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lurking Horror (Amiga)

Sporting excellent writing, spooky sound-effects, an incredibly evocative (and goodies filled) box, tough yet great puzzles and a brilliant modern-day Lovecraftian plot, The Lurking Horror by Infocom was (still is actually) a great piece of interactive fiction. And, yes, I did actually say so back when I retro reviewed it... I really do love the thing.

Happily you too, oh Amiga gamers, can love it or, well, love it again by owning this lovely The Lurking Horror copy. It's the complete, boxed Amiga version of the game and it does seem to be in great condition. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Now you didn't think I would let an Infocom post go by without commenting did you?

    Sweet - the definitive version of a great old adventure game! I was always curious about the addition of sound effects so always wanted to try out the Amiga version. If only I had an Amiga I would definitely try to pick it up. Hell I might pick it up just in case I ever DO get an Amiga.

  2. just noticed it even has the little millipede (or whatever) feelie! Nice set. Definitely need to think about throwing a bid in on this one if the price doesn't get too out of hand. Added to the ol' Watch List.

  3. Never crossed my mind. You are after all the official Infocom commenter on all things Infocom dear MadPlanet.

    Mind you, the sound works amazingly in this one. It's incredibly evocative and will -at least once- make you jump up in terror. Or, well, surprise.

    Price seems pretty decent so far...

  4. Buy an Amiga, MadPlanet. It's an amazing machine for it's time, and host to some fantastic games of different genres. You won't regret it. There were various models, as I'm sure you're aware. If I were buying one for the 1st time, I'd suggest an A1200, as it's capable of being quite heavily expanded with Fast Ram and accelerator cards, USB ports, etc - has an IDE interface for a 2.5" drive and, thanks to the inclusion of a PCMCIA slot, can be easily connected to a network through either a PCMCIA Ethernet adapter or wireless card - giving you easy access to all sorts of useful bits of software like hard drive installers for many of the Amiga's floppy only games, as well as many abandonware titles.

    1. Wise advise. Reminds I should at some point get around at upgrading my A1200. The poor thing even lacks a HD.

  5. @Gnome: I will do my best to meet the expectations put upon the office of official Infocom commenter Sir Gnome. And yeah so far so good on the price. I also came real close to buying a TI Invaders a few weeks ago. Not sure buying games for systems I don't own is a good habit for me to be getting into. Could get scary fast.

    @Bob: Thanks for the recommendation and information Bob. I've always been a Commodore fan and have always loved (from afar) the graphical style of Amiga games so I suspect one of these days I will pick one up - the A1200 sounds like a good one!


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