Monday, December 27, 2010

Television Tennis by Executive Games

Television Tennis by Executive Games is one of the most obscure Pong machines I've ever encountered, and, though probably a rarity, a console that shouldn't be too expensive to grab. Have a look/bid at the thing via this Television Tennis auction. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Looks like some sort of medical device. I don't even want to know what you are supposed to do with those controllers/probes!

  2. Wow! This was my first video game system! It was really basic (even for the day). It was black and white, had no sound or scoring. But it had one cool function. You could play against the console itself on either side (using one paddle or the other). And - if you wanted - you could have the console play itself. Voila! The first screen saver!

  3. I'm deeply impressed radioflyer! Both a screensaver and an AI sporting game machine, and I had never heard of it? Shame on me... Oh, and cheers for the comment!