Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day of the Tentacle Toblerone Box

Day of the Tentacle (Lucasarts, 1993) is a beautiful and unsurpassed adventure game created by the Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman with a little help from Ron Gilbert. It also happens to be the sequel to Gilbert's groundbreaking Maniac Mansion. Though the game itself isn't particularly rare, its triangular toblerone-shaped boxed version -the one you see above- has been known to sell for over 500$. It's rare. And beautiful. Also, I own a copy which I adore, though you too dear friends can follow the link to this Day of the Tentacle auction and join our happy club. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Wait, you own DotT or you own this particular version?

  2. Hmmm... I think I prefer a few hundred actual Toblerone bars instead, for that price.

  3. But think of your health! DoTT is very healthy and low cholesterol too.

  4. Toblerone :Q____

    oops, sorry pal, just drooled all over your blog.
    Jokes apart, it's a GREAT packaging, for a GREAT adventure (all cousin Ted's stuff always made me laugh like an idiot).

    (ps. Gnome, I wrote about Beast, check it out!)

  5. I am jealous, looks good. I love Day of the Tentacle. Aaah, the good memories.

  6. Lovely memories of a lovely game indeed. And what a box,eh?

  7. The creator is offering one of his DoT boxes for a staggering $150.000 !! abit steep perhaps?

    1. Nothing is particularly steep when it gets both Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer to work on a new adventure :)

      Well, almost nothing...

  8. There is on eon ebay at present go over 4500.