Thursday, February 11, 2010


SNK Neo Geo AESAnother chance to own the Rolls Royce of gaming consoles, the beautiful and gracefully aged Neo Geo AES by SNK. Have a look at this Neo Geo eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide and you'll be getting a console with all cables, one controller and the Baseball Stars Professional game. Paying less than 250-300$ should be considered a more than decent price.


  1. I have such fond memories of walking into Electronics Boutique in the Plymouth Meeting, PA mall with my dad back when the Neo Geo first came out. Just the smell of that store, with all the new hardware and optimism of the gaming age to come is almost overwhelming in memory! I always wanted one of these but was nice enough not to push, because even I was appalled at the price! I was more than content with my TG16 and vintage gaming was, even then, my preference. Now days I actually have a stand-up MVS cabinet, but sadly it's stashed away in my garage with the rest of my non-functioning arcade machines, just waiting for my attention! Good memories.

  2. Good memories indeed! Especially considering the TG16 was quite an impressive machine itself. As for me, I've never played with an AES console. And if I had an MVS cabinet I'd had it installed anywhere. No, really.

    BTW, just linked your site.

  3. Thanks Gnome! Yeah, I definitely disrespect my admittedly cool arcade machine collection - hoping to start correcting that after I cover Toy Fair starting this Saturday. Oh, and then there are all these guys too :-)