Thursday, December 6, 2007

The GAMATE Compact Video Game System

I have actually touched a Bit Corporation GAMATE (though admittedly ages ago), I have already blogged quite extensively on this rather failed Nintendo Game Boy rival, but I had never before seen the thing on eBay. Really. Never. Apparently then it's a rarity and you can try getting your hands on said quirky console via a certain boxed GAMATE eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide.

The console comes in its original box complete with a game (Galaxy Invaders) and instructions. Oh, and just so you know, this is a monochrome handheld that has absolutely nothing to do with the GBA, but allegedly does feature a handful of interesting games.


  1. Care to comment about this machine's rather unfortunate name?

  2. Actually it's too unfortunate (naughty even) to comment on, especially if you can speak Greek...

  3. "GAMATE"?

    Sounds like a strange tomato drink like Clamato or Beefamato.

    I never heard of it. It looks like it could of had possibilties though.

    For now I will stick with the Lynx.

    ...Beefamato is quite good though...They don't sell it near me though. Cow Juices + Tomato Juices! The best mix!

  4. The Lynx, huh? So you've gone and bought yourself one? Wise choice Caleb, wise indeed. Isn't it wonderful? And shiny? Which games did you get? Why am I such a drooling fanboy even after all those years?


  5. hello if you're interested I've got about 26 GAMATE games new boxed never opened VERY VERY RARE! write me to my email: so I'll send you the titles avaiable and the price. best regards! sergio from Palermo!