Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sega Game Gear & 9 games

Excuse me for saying so, but the Sega Game Gear hasn't aged as gracefully as the Atari Lynx. A simple truth, I know, and one that can mainly be attributed to its lack of all those excellent arcade ports. Still, it's a lovably huge retro handheld in its own right and sports more than a few great and exclusive games, meaning that grabbing this Sega Game Gear & games might be a smart move. 

The console seems to be in great condition and comes with nine games, including Castle of Illusion, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mortal Kombat and Star Wars. Seller ships only within the US.


  1. I always quite liked the Game Gear. It had quite a few good games, including a brilliant version of Sonic. And with the right adapter, you could play them on your Master System. Or was it play Master System on the Game Gear? Maybe it was both? Sega did love their adapters, after all. Want to watch TV on your Game Gear? Look! We have another adapter!

    As an experiment, I'd like to mount a Mk1 Mega Drive atop a Mk Mega CD, plug in a 32X, then a Master System Convertor, a Game Gear adapter and then a Game Gear TV Tuner just to see what happens. I reckon you'd pick up a signal, or the whole setup would come alive and hack the Pentagon's nuclear missile codes.

  2. You are indeed correct dear Bob. Sega did love its adapters a bit too much, and a Sega add-on powered tower of Babel is almost possible. Not so sure about sentient machines that play Sonic though...