Thursday, March 22, 2012

Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis (PC)

Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis by Lucasarts is one of the very best point-and-click adventure games ever, the most interesting Indiana Jones story I've experienced and -by far- the most replayable narrative heavy game I've so far encountered. Besides, it still looks beautiful in its pixel-art glory, feels massive and provides with far too many options and well-designed puzzles. Oh, yes, and it simply has to be in every adventurer's collection.

If you have a PC with a 5.25" disk-drive, there can't be a better way to playing it than with the help of this boxed copy of Fate of Atlantis that has been put up for auction. The game comes complete with manual, quick reference card, the third issue of Adventurer and some offer leaflets. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. One of the best Lucasarts adventures to date. Nothing beats reaching Atlantis and going on a hunt for orichalcum!

    Great seeing it on 5.25 floppies too :)

    1. Indeed. Have always been fond of them properly floppy floppies myself; even kept the 5.25" installed all the way to 4 years ago...