Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ultima Escape From Mt. Drash (VIC-20)

Ultima: Escape From Mt. Drash is one of the rarest games a collector can own and most probably the rarest thing you can buy for your Commodore VIC-20. Despite being a Sierra release and carrying the Ultima name, you see, it was never really properly marketed and was released incredibly late in the VIC-20's life. Besides, and as Richard Garriott did not create the game, Sierra only produced a few thousand copies of the game (estimated at around 3000) many of which seem to have been lost, making sure that the few copies that surface sell for quite a bot more than $1000.

As you may have already guessed another copy of Ultima: Escape From Mt. Drash has resurfaced on eBay and is already gathering the bidders' attention. Actually, it has even managed to attract Richard Garriott himself, who has finally made it clear that he did approve of the game's Ultima name. Anyway, back to the auction; it's a US only affair and you'll be getting the game on a tape and its manual. Mind you, just reading through the auction's text is worth your time. It's an amazingly detailed entry this one... 


  1. Pretty cool - that auction might as well be a standalone tribute webpage. Nice historical insight apparently from Richard Garriott himself and another contemporary. Too expensive for me to actually purchase mind, but I did enjoy the read. Thanks Gnome.

  2. @ MadPlanet: A brilliant auction page indeed. It had absolutely anything a retrospective would have + Richard Garriott's comment. And, yes, it's far too expensive for me too! Cheers :)

    @ Brendan: Indeed!