Monday, December 5, 2011

Frogger Mini Arcade

Back in 1982 when it was released, the Coleco / Sega take on Frogger must have been most impressive. Then again, it still is. It does after all resemble Nintendo's arcade-like Game & Watch series, sports a multi-color display, two difficulty settings and two game modes. Oh, yes, and it does indeed look like a lovely, miniature arcade cabinet too. To own it complete in its original box, you could try this Frogger Tabletop Arcade auction. Seller ships worldwide. It's quite the rarity, mind. 


  1. My wife has one of these little beauties at home, but sadly no box or manual. Can't say that I ever actually PLAY it very much these days, but it does look pretty cool on the shelf by the MAME cab. Now if only I could find a real arcade Frogger to sit it on I would be happy.

  2. Yes, well, a real arcade Frogger would be very nice indeed -especially as a pedestal for the mini Forgger- but, surely, space has to be taken into consideration.

    Oh, and do give this tabletop arcade a go. They can be surprisingly fun, you know.