Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Apple Museum for sale!

Retro Treasures has posted quite a few retro discoveries by Blake of the retro-infested and ever lovely ByteCellar, but never anything remotely as impressive as this Apple Macintosh Museum auction. I mean really... every Mac from the original 128k Macintosh that made sure 1984 wasn't like 1984 (well, sort of) to them brand new iMacs has been included in an impressive bundle of 150 computers. The whole lot can be yours for $35k; provided you either live in the US or Canada that is and want to actually start a vintage computing museum. You'll obviously be getting a ton of peripherals, accessories, books, posters, posters, t-shirts and software to help you flesh things out, as well as the domain name. Oh, and more than a few lovely Apple notebooks have also been included, but better check things out yourselves...