Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The lovely Atari 65XE

Too modern looking for a vintage 8-bit computer for you? Well, worry not, as the Atari 65XE has the old-fashioned innards of a pre-Tramiel Atari 8-bit combined with the aesthetics of the ST. And you can grab a very well priced and fully working one from the dear retro place that is magisterrex. The computer comes with RF cable, power supply and a light gun.


  1. A lovely looking machine. I was convinced at the time that it'd be ultra-advanced due to it's futuristic styling. Though in many ways, that was true. The Jay Miner designed chips let the 8-bit Ataris do some advanced stuff.

  2. Indeed. And some of its games were too technically advanced to be properly ported to less powerful 8-bits like the (dear) Speccy. And Dropzone was fantastic.