Thursday, September 15, 2011

Epoch Super Cassettevision & 18 games

Marketing departments must be particularly strange places and here's the ultimate example: the Epoch Super Cassettevision has nothing to do with tapes. Or cassettes. Or disks. It's a standard cartridge-based 8-bit console instead. Anyway. Micro-rant aside, I really felt I had to let everyone know an Epoch Super Cassettevision appeared on eBay and is being sold off complete with 18 boxed, rare-ish games without manuals, as well as the required bits & pieces to get the thing running. Seller ships worldwide, though I really couldn't comment on the price; the thing only rarely appears on eBay and I seem to have missed each and every time it did so.

As for the console itself, well, it was a failed and rather late 1984 competitor to the NES, sporting an 8-bit processor, 16 on screen colours from a palette of 512, two built-in joysticks, a numeric keypad, some impressive sprite moving capabilities, a unique design and -shockingly- a proper RGB output! The console, being a flop and all, got less than 40 games released for it and you can find out more about it here and here.


  1. That is a beautiful thing, gnome, and well worth the cost of a handful of 'new' games. I'll have to sit on my hands so as not to buy now - blew all my bread in Manhattan, don't you know it.

  2. Yes, yes, read all about it; still can't help but congratulate you for keeping your cool and not going for the Epoch. Wise you are oh Charlie :)