Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Atari Mega STe

Seems the time to frolic is over and Retro Treasures is back from its short vacation ready to help you spend your money in these dark days of crisis. What better way to start off this new blogging season then than this lovely PAL Atari Mega STe being auctioned off right now? The computer seems to be in great condition, comes with 2 MBs of RAM, a 30MB hard drive, the necessary cables and a keyboard. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Lovely indeed! Welcome back Gnome!

  2. Welcome back dear friend!
    Y'know, I've actually never seen an Atari computer, seems like Italy was a Commodore domain, but I'd really like to own one of those sometimes

  3. Thank you dear Mik, though coming back to the bleak reality was quite disheartening. Oh, and I do believe we were a 50/50 Atari/Commodore country during the 16-bit era.