Thursday, April 14, 2011

Infocom's Seastalker (C64/C128)

Seastalker is one of the few Infocom games I haven't played at all and have thus been interested in for quite some time now. Anyway, what matters is that this lovely, boxed copy of Seastalker for the C64 (and C128) has appeared on eBay and the seller is willing to ship worldwide. The game is apparently is mint & complete condition.


  1. Surprise - I'm commenting on an Infocom title. :)

    I've never played that one either but I know it had a "Junior" difficulty rating so I was always kind of curious how that translated into presumably easier puzzles.

    Nice set. Are you one of the 2 bids already in?

  2. Unfortunately not dear MadPlanet. Seems that particular avenue of pleasure has been temporarily cut off. Blasted crisis!