Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Discworld Collection

The seller of this excellent Discworld Collection might be shipping worldwide, but you'll need a PAL PlayStation (PS1 to be precise) to enjoy them. Then again, grabbing one shouldn't be that difficult a task, whereas them Discworld adventures are absolutely brilliant. Discworld 1 might be ridiculously tough, but both its sequel and Discworld Noir are playable, fair, challenging and lack inventories the size of China. All games are incredibly written, sport some of the best voice overs ever and look amazing.


  1. The first Discworld is wonderful, with some of the best jokes in a videogame (try to click on Rincewind...). I can't believe I sold my Saturn copy just hoping to find a cheap Playstation counterpart (that's it, I have a PSX mouse, but don't tell anyone: I'm quite ashamed). Needless to say, the cheap PSX copy is still to be found...

  2. Nice ! I'm still looking for a Japanese Saturn version of the first one. The booklet has some cute SD pictures of the characters ^_^

    I love what Terry Pratchett has done

  3. @ Mik: Admittedly it's both a beautiful and funny game dear Mik, but I did think it was more difficult than it should (and for the wrong reasons). Also the only Discworld game I didn't finish. On the other hand... PSX mouse!

    @ ZikZak: I'm a great Pratchett fan myself, mind. Also, best of luck tracking the Saturn version!