Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sierra Chest Games Sale

The Sierra Chest is a wonderful site that focuses on collecting and preserving every game Sierra ever published and developed, while providing news, videos and features that retro gamers worldwide have appreciated for quite some time now. Here is an older interview with the site's curator. Now, on to the bad news. The Sierra Chest (well, the man responsible for it) has been the victim of both fraud and bad luck and has to sell parts of the Chest's amazing collection, in order to keep things afloat.

You can help and grab some excellent retro games -mainly adventures- by following this link. You'll find vintage copies of Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry, Eco Quest, King's Quest, Police Quest and many more. Just look at the available games and contact the seller to find out more about each game's price, shipping cost, etc.

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