Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sega Genesis Family

If you looking to begin a Sega Genesis collection, this Genesis bundle should be an excellent place to start. You'll be bidding on the Genesis itself, the Sega CD, the ill-fated 32X, a controller, the tons of necessary bits and bolts and 20 games. Impressively among said games you'll find the best the 32X has to offer (Doom, Virtua Racing), the excellent CD version of Euro-RPG Heimdall and even a copy of Rebel Assault. Seller ships only to US addresses. 


  1. I'm aching to play Virtua Racing on 32X (they say it was the best version before PS2's came out), and some CD game really make me wonder how could Sega quit making hardware...

  2. Virtua Racing on the 32X is indeed amazing dear Mik. Shockingly I'm pretty good at it too. As for Sega, well, it seems despite the brilliance of the Dreamcast they didn't make the money they hoped from hardware. Not that they could hope to compete with the console gaming corporate behemoths.