Monday, December 13, 2010

Shockwave (Unreleased - C64/C128)

Unreleased games for the C64/C128 and most other 80s micros are always intriguing and Shockwave, the 1987 Commodore 64 unreleased game by The Edge, seems one of the most interesting specimens. This Shockwave auction will get you a disk apparently sporting the unreleased code of the game complete with a developer's note with instructions. Seller ships to N. and S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


  1. Goodness, an actual game released by The Edge? I thought they only lied about making games in court!

  2. See? SEE? Well, I guess you do dear Ben, but truth be said it can't be that good now, can it?

  3. Actually we did release some very good games at the time. Let's not forget that ;)

    I'm no fan of Tim but the teams made some classic games of which we were proud of.

    Did not relise this game would cause so much intrest after all these years, must find the other unrleased games ;)

  4. and for those that think this is a fake please see below -,10415/

    Thats me and you can clearly see that I worked on those EDGE games ;)

  5. My, my, you did work on some truly great games! I,Ball, SWIV and the -often forgotten- Gene Machine are indeed retro gems. Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Hey,

    There are some terrible ones in there also ;)

    No worries, I hope it goes to a bidder that will preserve it.

    I tried to get hold of a working C64 disk drive as I was wanting to see it myself.

    All my disks have been in safe storage for the past 23 years as I was having a clear out over the last few weeks and found Shockwave Production Sample.

    I have some other games that will go up in the new year.

    Just don't have the space, these will need to go to a good home ;)


  7. Well, your hopes are indeed shared. Wish Retro Gamer grabbed a copy or two. They would make for excellent features.


  8. Atually I am waiting for the Tim Langdell email to come, no doubt he will have rant with some threats to stop the sale!


  9. Oh my... Well, you don't seem to worry so that's that :)

  10. Guess he has other things to worry about like trying to hide from independent developers who want his blood ;)

    Now where did the Darius C64 demo disk go...LOL

  11. Ah, splendid, you do make a good point.

    Hope the Langdell email doesn't come and you manage to find the right buyer!

  12. A buyer that will release the code will be the preferable choice...

  13. Wow, you created Alien Syndrome? You sir, are the man.