Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PocketStation Crystal

The PocketStation, just like the Dreamcast VMU, was a very interesting idea on paper, that more or less flopped and thus never made it outside Japan. Shockingly though it does work with US and European versions of the console. The machine is a glorified memory card that -sporting a LCD screen and facebuttons- can play a variety of mini-games. Happily, there is one PocketStation Crystal still available over at Play-Asia.


  1. If only there was an european version... I heard it supported Ridge Racer Type 4, a personal favourite.

    Btw, I managed to play for a couple hours "A Mind Forever Voyaging", and I noticed two things:

    - I'll never made it through the whole adventure;
    - It's more charming and immersive than anyone could possible ask from a text only adventure.

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Then again dear Mik the PocketStation is compatible with our euro PlayStation, but you're playing a Mind Forever Voyaging; why care about such things? Oh, and do make sure you read the game's documentation. Keep playing!