Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Original Night Trap Artwork

Sega Night Trap ArtworkNight Trap might not have been a particularly brilliant FMV game, but it certainly did have its moments; yes, beside the hilarious acting and silly plot. Oh, and it caused quite a controversy too. Anyway, all you have to do to grab a piece of its semi-naughty artwork is follow this link to some Night Trap art @ eBay. Seller ships only within the US.


  1. That's sort of... uh, well... that's... I mean...

    Epic. That's all.

    (really: her expression reminds me of an inflatable doll O_o)

  2. Well, I could type LOL or ROFL, but I wont. There.

  3. The true test of a game? How much controversy it causes in the US Senate - success!

    I've played it through to completion, but it's definitely not easy! The reaction windows are vanishingly small in the final moments of the story, and I seem to remember never getting the 'proper good' ending. We all love gaming history around here, and that's an 'important' title, to be sure!

  4. We all love our history dear Charlie, even those dark and censoring moments that Night Trap seems to have spawned. Still, it was far from the developers' fault...

    Oh, and I've never really beaten it. Did try the PC version though.

  5. Actually playing it on the Sega CD hardware adds that extra thrill of waiting for the hardware to fail moments before the grand finale.

    Amusingly the copy I have included highly detailed notes, scribbled in the instruction book, made by the previous owner on the 'path' through the game - it gets pretty crazy further on and I probably couldn't have done it without that walkthrough!

  6. Ah, 16-bit CD hardware failures... what fun! Think I might grab a walkthrough myself and replay it. Someday that is.