Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Atari Jaguar: A Developer's Flash Cart

Atari Jaguar Developers Flash CartWhat you see above is the rare Atari Jaguar Flash Cart. These were originally developed for a trial program Atari ran in Florida that was to allow gamers to download games broadcast over the cable TV network to one of these cartridges. Unfortunately the plan, cunning though it was, never got anywhere, as the required hardware combination would have been ridiculously expensive. The flash carts themselves were handy enough to be used internally for development reasons. They were often used to take demo and beta games to trade shows, or to send to gaming magazines as review copies. When Atari folded at the end of the Tramiel era all remaining flash carts and development kits were recalled to Atari for destruction - only very few survived. One of them can be grabbed via this Atari Jaguar Developer Flash Cart auction. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Wow!
    How interesting! Unfortunately, the Jaguars did not hit enough for someone today to prepare such a device!
    Poor Atari!

  2. Poor Atari indeed! And poor Lynx and ST too. Those were really great machines.