Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adam Colecovision (boxed)

Adam Colecovision boxThe Adam Colecovision (1983) was a generally intriguing, but ultimately failed attempt at turning the Colecovision console into a fully functional 8-bit home micro. Anyway. It makes for a great collector's item and is quite rare (-ish).

This boxed and almost complete (it does lack the controllers) Adam Colecovision auction, might turn out to be quite a bargain. The computer hasn't been tested, though everything looks to be in great condition. The box includes: a smartWriter (Daisy Wheel!) printer, the introductory manual; the built-in SmartWriter word processing program with its reference guide and manual; the SmartBasic manual and the SmartBasic digital data pack, Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom by SEGA Super game pack w/ manual, and all necessary cables. Seller ships only to US addresses.  

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