Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Sega Dreamcast Dreameye

The Dreamcast Dreameye boxSega Dreamcast DreameyeThe Sega Dreameye for the Dreamcast was released -only in Japan- in order to give Sega-philes another unique gadget to play with. The Dreameye is essentially a 3 megapixels digital camera, that comes boxed complete with a headset and some innovative (for the time, of course) software, that actually wasn't only about games. You can find out more about it here. Oh, and it's supposed to be a rather rare accessory too.

What's more, you can now grab a boxed and quite expensive SEGA Dreamcast Dreameye via eBay. Seller ships worldwide. The unit is apparently brand new, boxed, shiny and complete. It only works with a Japanese Dreamcast though.


  1. Neat! Looks like its pretty much the same camera package (in different colors) that comes with the Divers Dreamcast.

  2. It actually is -essentially- the very same camera. Oh, and that's a fantastic blog you got there Chris!