Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jon Ritman's Monster Max

Jon Ritman Monster MaxMonster Max, a game released in 1994 for the classic monochrome Nintendo Game Boy, is one of those absolutely brilliant gaming gems that the wider public criminally overlooked. It is also an excellent isometric arcade-adventure, that some actually consider better than Head over Heels. Yes, that good and you can grab Monster Max via eBay too. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Jon Ritman. He was the guy behind Match Day, Batman et al wasn't he? We don't actually recall this game - although we do of course remember 'Head over Heels'.

  2. You're absolutely right. It's the same Ritman and it's no wonder you have missed Monster Max, as it sort of failed to get noticed. Guess we'll have to thank Retro Gamer for actually re-discovering and championing it.