Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boxed Lynx mk. 1 & 15 games

Lynx mark 1Atari lynx gamesPretty self explanatory them pics from a certain lovely Atari Lynx I & 15 games eBay auction, aren't they? Oh, and guess you should also know that the seller ships worldwide, that average Lynx prices start at 20£, 30$ or 22 euros (meaning this one should go for quite a bit more), while the average boxed Lynx game goes for 5£, and that you can always emulate the thing for free.


  1. That is the wrong lynx for that box. That is a lynx 1 in a lynx 2 box.

  2. I noticed too, but apparently this was an Atari mistake. Not 100% sure about it though...