Monday, September 29, 2008

Wing Commander Privateer

Wing Commander PrivateerWing Commander Privateer was the first game to successfully evolve the Elite formula, even though lacking in the gazillions of procedurally generated planets. It also turned out to be a truly shining example of what quality PC games can achieve. And what a luxuriant box, eh? Anyway. Grab Wing Commander Privateer via eBay. Seller ships worldwide and has apparently also included the Righteous Fire expansion.

Failing to get yourselves a copy, you might want to try this freeware and quite frankly impressive Privateer remake: Gemini Gold. Oh, and this might be a pretty informative link too.


  1. the remake looks pretty good screen shot wise... Does the one for sale look as good..?

  2. I'm afraid not. It is more polished mind and better art-directed too, but the graphics tech is quite a bit older.

  3. I was just thinking about how Secret Ops is still available online to download...

    WC was a great series. I still remember beating the Original game.

  4. Available? Where? Where?

    Oh, and did you know the original game is very DOSbox friendly too dear Caleb?