Monday, September 8, 2008

The Entex Arcade Defender

Entex Arcade DefenderBased on Eugene Jarvis' classic Defender, the Entex Arcade Defender handheld was released back in 1982 and still is a brilliantly playable and addictive handheld shoot-'em-up. It's fast, it's frantic, sports a ton of buttons (including those needed to enter hyperspace, change your ship's direction and throw a smart-bomb), two skill levels, impressive sound and is rather decent to look at too. Here's a bit more info on the thing.

Happily, you -yes, you, oh retro loving reader- can actually grab an Entex Arcade Defender handheld game via a lovely eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide. The unit seems to be in great condition and comes in its original box complete with manual.


  1. If I play this thing, will I get recruited like in The Last Starfighter....??

  2. Hmmm... no, I'm afraid. Eugen's already gotten the job.