Monday, September 22, 2008

A spiffy Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 by Amstrad

Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3Amstrad Speccy Spectrum +3 FDDThe last of the Spectrums and a glorious 8-bit machine, the Spectrum +3 was Amstrad's final attempt in keeping the Speccy alive by adding a lovely 3" disk drive to the already impressive Spectrum +2. Usually the average Spectrum +3 costs 40-50£ meaning that this auction of a boxed Sinclair Spectrum +3 in top condition is worth looking into. After all, this is not your average +3, as the computer has been completely overhauled, cleaned and restored to a very high level, all worn parts have been replaced (including the drive belt), and the read/write head has been aligned and calibrated professionally.


  1. Is there an apartment inside that power box..?

  2. Actually it's only part of mobile commune that can house 12 sprites and one very tiny minotaur.

  3. I was thinking that exact same thing!