Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh no! More Lemmings for the Amiga

Oh no More Lemmings AmigaAs far as classic and definitive Amiga games go Oh no! More Lemmings is up there (there, there, don't you see?) with the best of them. It hasn't aged a day either and you can easily grab it for cheap via this Oh no! More Lemmings eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide, gameplay remains as fresh as a very fresh thing, graphics are still beautifully stylized and you'll be bidding on the complete boxed version of the game for your A500 or A1200.


  1. Man, Lemmings goes way back. I have never played one before... I will have to check, but I think I can download a new version via Xbox live or PS3 Network...

  2. They were huge over here you know, but you just have to have a mouse to enjoy them, so I'd say avoid the X360 version...