Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boxed & Sealed Sierra Collection

If you love PC and adventure gaming and still can't get over those hefty, classic game boxes Sierra used to produce this fantastic Sierra Collection on eBay should be of interest. Seller ships worldwide and it includes the following games (sealed):
1) Space Quest 1 (VGA Remake)
2) Space Quest 1 (EGA)
3) Police Quest 3
4) Space Quest 5
5) Leisure Suit Larry 3
6) Space Quest 3
7) Mixed up Mother Goose
8) Police Quest 2 


  1. Sad that this month, we've seen the demise of that other purveyor of legendary adventure games - LucasArts. Still, at least LucasArts had the sense to allow Monkey Island to get a makeover and rerelease. Shame they didn't do the same with Indiana Jones, The Dig, Full Throttle & the like. Sierra (or whoever holds their rights these days) could do the same. Or even just re-release for smartphones and touch-enabled portable consoles. Support Adventure Games! Buy new ones! Keep the genre alive!

  2. Nice bundle. Long live Roger Wilco! Even if they did leave out the best one... :)

  3. @Bob: If I could agree more I would, but I can't :) Let just hope that Disney doesn't decide to bury the Lucasarts/Lucasfilm games.

    @MadPlanet: Well spotted sir! Space Quest IV is indeed the very best in the series.