Friday, September 17, 2010

Atari Video System X (Prototype)

Atari Video System XAtari 5200 prototypeThe Atari Video System X was the prototype console that almost got itself called PAM, but eventually evolved to become the not spectacularly succesful Atari 5200. You can find out more about it here and here, though I can assure this is an incredibly rare console. And a good looking one too. Oh, and you rich people can now own an Atari Video System X prototype via this (US only) VSX eBay auction. The unit is in pristine condition.


  1. Oh sweet, I was just about to throw a thousand dollars out of the window, thanks for stopping me :P

  2. Well, every superhero has to start with something, I suppose.

  3. Glorious!

    Makes the US-bound shipping on that Speccy look cheap :-)

  4. Very cool - but a little outside my budget. But then again it IS free shipping so hmmm...

    "This auction is for the Atari Video System X unit only. There are no joysticks or other accessories included in this auction." = OUCH! For a thousand bucks couldn't he throw in a joystick and a copy of Pitfall II?

  5. @ Charlie: See? It's the glory of relativity, it is...

    @ MadPlanet: Free shipping FTW! And that's a pretty fair point. It does feel cheap without a few extras thrown in...