Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coleco Gemini

Coleco GeminiThe Coleco Gemini might not be the rarest (or best) vintage gaming console, but it definitely is a quirky little oddity you don't see every day. After all, the Gemini is nothing more than an Atari 2600 clone manufactured by Coleco. Oh, and apparently -if you live in the US- this working Coleco Gemini eBay auction might be of interest. 


  1. This was my first game system. This was 150 bucks cheaper than Atari 2600 and it performed the same functions as one. 50 bucks for a good time back in the 80's and always was my favorite game system. I would get one now if I didnt have the Stella emulator on my PC

  2. Ah, but you really can't compare the feel of an emulator to the real thing, can you? I'd actually argue one needs a proper old-fashioned colour TV too.