Monday, April 26, 2010

C-Lab Notator (Atari ST)

C-Lab Notator STC-Lab Notator MIDI ST disc dongleOne thing the Atari ST could always do brilliantly was MIDI music, and the single best known (and possibly best) piece of MIDI software is none other than the C-Lab Notator. An excellent sequencing and scoring program, you can grab via this eBay auction. It is in its complete original form with ring bound manual in hard case, 3.5" floppy and of course the dongle. The seller ships worldwide and you can find out more about the Notator here.


  1. I think my dongle is bad. (Did I really have to say it that way). I'm trying to update all my recorded files. Is there a way to get another Dongle for me system?
    Can someone please reply to:

  2. Wish I could help wit your, uhm, bad dongle Anonymous. Hope somebody else will be able to.

  3. if the dongle is dead. it's dead.

    secondhand is the only option. ebay most likely.