Sunday, April 4, 2010

Air Raid Atari 2600

Air Raid Atari 2600 cartridge boxThere are more than a few rare and incredibly rare games for the Atari 2600, but , admittedly, Air Raid is the closest thing to a VCS holy grail I can think of. Especially when coming with its never-seen-before box and even more so when everyone seems to be convinced it is the genuine item. Find out more and bid on it here. Mind you, seller ships worldwide.


  1. What an insane price for a game,ridiculous, specially for an Atari 2600 game. A person must be rich in a near future to collect games. Collectors are becoming insane.....

  2. Only the truly rich ones my friend. Then again, the same thing is happening with anything collectable. As for me, I always go for the decently priced stuff, that should probably be less than a modern game.