Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sega Saturn, 16 games and extras

sega saturn games virtua copCare for a lovely Saturn? Follow this Saturn auction link and bid on a lovely Sega Saturn collection. The console comes with 2 arcade sticks, the 3D Controller Pad, that Action Replay thingy, the lightgun and 16 games including: Virtua Fighter I&II, Virtua Cop I&II, D, The House of the Dead, Bomberman and Daytona. Seller only ships within the US, though everyone can enjoy the Saturn Junkyard!


  1. Looking over these games reminds me how much people must love sequels... Seems like most of these have 10 releases by now..

    ...guess I love a good sequel too..

  2. And so do I. After all I did quite love Space Quest IV, Larry VII and Gabriel Knight III. Heh.

  3. DAYTONA... Just go away!

    I just bought myself a japanese saturn. :D And have a boxed Pc-Engine incoming with 2 games for hefty 90 euros.

  4. 90 euros well spent I'd say. Oh, and cheers for the comment Elrinth!