Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PS One Boxed and in a Gaming Mood

Sony Playstation PS1The PS One, a console that's shockingly considered retro these days, was a rather more compact version of the original, ridiculously successful and iconic Sony PlayStation. Then again, you all know that. You probably also know, that hundreds of brilliant games have been released for the thing. So, uhm, here's a boxed PAL PS1 console & 8 games & extras. UK only. A price under 20-25£ would be quite a bargain.


  1. This is where my Resident Evil days first began... Even tho I had the older model PS1, cause mine did not look like that one..

  2. Yep, you apparently had the boxy modernist one... If it had more than a few ports it must have been one of the earliest ones too...