Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two Nintendo Virtual Boy systems with 18 games

nintendo Virtual BoyVirtual Boy gamesAh, yes, the Virtual Boy. Nintendo's only true flop, but still a wildly innovative system (or was that just an interesting gimmick?) with quite a few great games and some almost proper fully 3D visuals to make your head ache. Happily, you can now grab two of them VBs -one in mint condition and a half-working one for spares I guess- complete with 18 cartridges via this extremely reasonably priced Virtual Boy eBay auction. Among the included games you'll find such true rarities as Water World, Nester Funky Bowling and Galactic Pinball and some lovely little games like 3D Tetris, Mario Tennis, Wario Land and Golf. Paying anything less than 200$, 100 pounds or 130 euros should turn this one into a huge bargain.


  1. I think I saw those in Star Trek. They painted them gold and used them as eye blasters

  2. I still remmeber getting that stupid red mark on my forehead from playing one of those things when we were getting our family photo.

  3. How about the headache, remember that?