Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Fairchild Channel F

fairchild channel ffairchild channel f box boxedBased on the Fairchild F8 processor that was invented by Robert Noyce of Intel fame, the Fairchild Channel F was released back in 1976 and was the first commercially released console to use programmable cartridges and support rudimentary colour graphics. Find out more about it over at Wikipedia and the GamingMuseum. To grab a slightly pricey -yet boxed & fully working- version of this rather rare console with three games, do try this Fairchild Channel F eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Ha. No doubt a competitor of the Mattel Aquarius. (even though the Aquarius came out in the 80s.)

    Quite a find for a person whose TV's audio is broken, what with the internal speakers and such.

  2. Whose TV's audio is broken? Oh dear...

  3. Nobody's TV is broken Gnome.

    I just mentioned that becaue all the audio comes out the Fairchild's speakers and not the TVs.

    So someone with broken audio on their TV can still have all the video and audio.

  4. Right! Aha. Yes. Obviously. Knew that. Definitely did. :p