Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The rare Saturn Netlink System

Sega Saturn Netlink modemActually, it's a Sega Saturn with a modem and two online playable games, but Netlink does sound so very exciting, doesn't it? Besides, said modem is definitely rare... Anyway, do try eBay for the complete Saturn Netlink experience in auction format. Seller ships worldwide and you'll be geting yourselves a boxed console, a boxed keyboard, 2 controllers, 2 netlink games, all necessary manuals and cables and some other stuff too. Nice.


  1. I saw a Netlink CD once in a Flea Market but I did not see the Netlink itself...

    ...This is the same place where the owner goes out to garage sales and auctions and buys things for like nothing and charges ridiculous prices for them.

    At lease we still have the Internet to find hard to get stuff.

  2. With the only drawback being those ridiculous shipping prices. BTW, you do have dedicated retro stores, don't you?