Friday, March 21, 2008

ZX Spectrum Interface 2

Sinclair ZX Interface 2 box SpeccyAlways thought the ZX Interface 2 for the ZX Sectrum was a brilliant addition to the machine, what with its two joystick ports, the printer port and an insta-loading cartridge-like ROM slot, but apparently neither the masses nor game developers loved the thing. Must have been the price, the failure to be Kempston compatible and the distinct lack of popularity. Only 10 games were developed for its cartridge slot.

As the Interface 2 was quite the flop, you can imagine it's not the cheapest of Speccy expansions. Especially when boxed. Still, prices are far from astronomical and 25£, 50$ or 30 euro should be considered more than reasonable. Oh, and there's a fantastic boxed Sinclair ZX Spectrum Interface 2 with the Chess ROM game eBay auction going on. Seller ships worldwide too.


  1. I was beginning to think I was the only Retro game nut on this blogspot thingy!

  2. Not at all dear Simmo. There are many (slightly unbalanced) individuals like us.