Monday, March 17, 2008

The portable CD-I 370

cd-i 370cdi 370The Phillips CD-i 370 is a rather rare, portable and powerful version of the CD-i console. It is fully compatible with all CD-i games, comes complete with a digital video decoder to play VCDs, offers TV-out options, sports a rechargeable battery, can do both PAL and NTSC stuff, and is beautiful and compact enough to actually be ported around. To find out more about portable CD-i consoles click here.

To actually grab a CD-i 370 in great condition and what seems a logical price try this CD-i 370 eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide. Mind you, the battery pack of the console on offer does seem quite problematic. On the plus side, you do get a manual.


  1. Ah man!

    I wish I had the cash.

    I have been looking for a CDI player for a LONG TME....

  2. Me too... Even visited Holland, but couldn't find one decently prized...

  3. Where do you guys live? I got like 10 CD-i players stapled in my shed. They are also put on dutch market places all the time. It depends what amount of $ or pounds you guys would like to pay for them, but it is rather to easy to obtain them.

  4. Anonymous dear, I'm from Greece and truth be said Cd-is are rather rare around here. On the other hand, when I visited Amsterdam a few months ago and dropped in a lovely retro gaming store near the station, them cd-is weren't that cheap either.

  5. I got lots of them colected . Even the portable 370 . Nice ��