Thursday, May 3, 2012

Master System Mk I & 30 games

If you live in the UK and always craved for Sega's severely underrated 8-bit console, then this Sega Master System auction is definitely for you. You will not only be getting a mark I console (you know, the pyramid-esque thing that is compatible with both the 3D glasses and those games that came in cards) but also 28 boxed games, 2 built-in games, a joystick and everything you'll need to set it up. Among the included games, you'll find such classics as Speedball, Super Smash TV, After Burner, Sonic, Sonic 2, Super Kick Off and Operation Wolf.


  1. Quite a bargain! And don't mind that odd shape, Sega's control stick is as comfortable as any other controller should be.

    1. And much better than the standard controller. Have been thinking about grabbing a mark I myself too, mind. Not that I don't love my mark II...

  2. Good old Sega. They loved to come up with meaningless phrases, like Blast Processing. In the Master System's case, it's not just a console. Oh no, it's a Power Base. Because it's a base, but with more power! Wild, untapped power, barely contained within the sharp angular base of the Master system and just waiting to unleash itself onto your senses through your telly. You don't get the same sense of excitement with an NES. No Power Base for you. You've got a Control Deck, and frankly, that positively pedestrian when you could have a Power Base.

    Even the Master System's name conjures up the promise of unimagined excitement. It's a *master* system - better than any other system out there, and if you're good enough you could tame the beast and become it's master! The competition is a boring old entertainment system. Who wants to be entertained, when they could be *mastering* the Master System?

    That console design is just waiting for a wayward child to trip and fall face first onto one of the pointy angular bits though. You can kinda see why they went more rounded for the MkII.


  3. I LOLed and then LOLed a bit more!