Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Complete Cocktail Maker (Acorn Electron)

Don't you love those obscure yet incredibly cheap retro offerings even time itself seems to have forgotten? Of course you do dear, of course you, and so do I. That's why I simply had to point you to this Complete Cocktail Maker auction. It's the boxed Acorn Electron version of something had never before seen and the seller ships only within the UK.

The game was released back in 1985 and was an educational/novelty thingy that sported 300 cocktail recipes. You can find out more about it right here.


  1. Amazing! I love the design for the Acornsoft packaging too - so genu-80s.

    1. Absolutely lovely; am quite a fan myself...

  2. I loved the Acornsoft games - particularly the BBC B titles. But Complete Cocktail Maker really should be re-released as an Android & iPhone app.