Friday, February 17, 2012

Apple IIc & Games

This Apple IIc & games auction is seriously tempting. Very tempting actually, but I do know that I'll have to restrain myself. Or maybe not. Hmmm. I'll call the buying council. Anyway. Bid on it for a complete, boxed Apple IIc and 10 gloriously boxed games, among which you'll find Elite, Sargon II and Wings of Fury. Seller ships worldwide and everything seems to be in excellent condition.


  1. The monitor is not included.. Bummer. I was almost sold hehe..
    Well at least you can play all those games in their original goodness here:

    Now I've seen how bad I really suck at these games!

  2. A fantastic little online emulator; seems to sport every game ever released too.

    Oh, and the good thing with the lack of monitor is that this beauty can be shipped worldwide... Hmmm and hmmm.