Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brand New Atari Jaguar CD

The Atari Jaguar CD, an aptly named add-on CD for the Jaguar, joined the party too late and never really came close to saving Atari's final -and doomed- console. What's more, the Jag CD is a rare, expensive and very fickle accessory, and one should probably go for new ones. The chances of them working are indeed higher, and that's why I suggest anyone interested should have a look at this Atari Jaguar CD auction. It's a fully boxed, complete, never used specimen and the seller ships only within the US.


  1. You too can make your Jaguar look like an expensive toilet! kind of appropriate really...

    Nt that it was all bad on the Jaguar. It did have a few great games - Alien vs Predator and Tempest 2000 spring to mind, as well as it's silky smooth conversion of Doom and a port of Cannon Fodder.

    I have fond memories of Doom on the Jag - it was as fast as if it were running on a decent spec PC of the time, much better than the Snes version - and it played pretty well, despite the limitations of the Jag's joypad (Why that design, Atari - WHY?). Alien vs Predator was a great game for the time too - full of atmosphere, suspense and foreboding. Sure, it's been revisited a few times now on PC and current gen consoles, but you never forget the first time you fend off a swarm of homicidal xenomorphs in the dark, armed with your trusty shotgun. For close encounters, naturally.

  2. Truth be said, the thing does look like a toilet, but back then I just couldn't see it. Always had a strong fondness for the Jaguar. It felt like the best the older world of gaming could come up with. A superb combination of the Lynx, Sinclair's Loki and Atari's name...

    Of course and despite the excellent games you mentioned (I'd add quite a few mind; Sensi Soccer and Raiden among them), it never really stood a chance. Especially not against behemoths like Sony... At least it's got a lovely homebrew scene I suppose.

    And Aliens vs Predators. What a ground-breaking game that one was.

  3. I wasn't familiar with Rayden, but it looks damn good fun. It's also on PSOne, I see.

  4. And on MAME too, which frankly is the best way to enjoy it. I played Raiden to death in the arcades back in my early teens. Loved it.

  5. Ah, now we never had an arcade on the wee island where I was brought up, so there's literally hundreds of arcade games I've never even heard of - let alone played.

  6. Interestingly, anyone under 18 wasn't allowed in arcades in Greece and so had to play Raiden in a small arcade on a tiny island myself!

  7. does anyone know the UPC code for the Atari Jaguar CD

    1. I believe it has been released to the public domain.