Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boxed 48k Oric-1 micro

The Oric-1 was a British 8-bit micro that was designed to take on the ZX Spectrum. Though the computer did manage to carve its very own niche in the UK and get its selection of quality software, it really managed to reach proper popularity in France, where a ton of excellent games were released for it. The computer featured a 6502A processor, a decent sound-chip, RGB output, excellent design and a gloriously horrible keyboard.

To grab a well preserved, boxed and fully working Oric-1, you could do much worse than bid on this pretty excellent boxed Oric-1 on eBay. The micro comes complete in its original packaging, meaning that you'll also be getting the RF cable, the manual and obviously the power supply. Seller ships worldwide.

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